Data usage is the amount of digital information transferred over your mobile network. It includes using social media apps, streaming videos, browsing the internet, and checking emails. Generally, data plans have a monthly limit, and you may face additional charges in case of excessive usage. Understanding the data usage is essential for maximizing benefits without incurring additional costs. Here is the complete detail on “How to Manage and Understand Your Data Usage.


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Understanding Data Usage on Your Free Government iPhone

Types of Data Usage

Two types of data usage are the following.

Cellular Data: Cellular data is consumed via your mobile carrier’s network.

Wi-Fi Data: The data you consume when connected to the Wi-Fi Network.

Checking Data Usage on iPhone

  • Let me explain if you want to check how much data you have used.

Go to Settings> Cellular or Settings> Mobile Data.

Scroll down and find the apps using cellular data. You can turn it off for a specific app; they will work only when Wi-Fi is available.

  • You can see individual system service data usage by

Go to Setting> Cellular or Setting> Mobile Data

Then click on “System Services”. It will provide you with details of data every app has used. 

  • You can see the data usage statistics for a specific period. To reset data statistics 

Go to Settings> Cellular or Settings> Mobile Data 

and click “Reset Statistics”. 

If you are using dual SIM, you can see the data usage of specific SIM by selecting the Cellular data number.

Managing Data Usage

If you face the problem of excess data usage, you can manage it easily by following the methods.

Set Data Limits: You can set the data limit for a certain period, as it will warn you if you are about to exceed the limit.

Disable Cellular Data: You can turn off cellular data usage for specific apps that consume a lot of data.

Background App Refresh: You can turn off this feature to stop app updates in the background.

Use Wi-Fi when Possible: Prefer Wi-Fi usage over cellular data when available.

Managing Data Usage

Data Saving Tips

Stream over Wi-Fi: Perform high-usage activities like video streaming when Wi-Fi is available.

Turn Voice Roaming off: You can turn off Voice Roaming to avoid data usage from other carriers’ networks.

Turn Data Roaming Off: During International travel, keep the data roaming off to avoid roaming charges.

Sync over Wi-Fi: Make sure to synchronize the apps, like photos, when using Wi-Fi.

Lower Video Quality: When streaming, you can save data by choosing lower-resolution videos.

Offline Maps: For navigation, you can download the route beforehand while on Wi-Fi.

Free Government iPhone and Data

The Free Government iPhone Program is a great initiative to provide free iPhones and intern services. It is helping ordinary individuals to get attached to the digital world. However, the data plans offered with free iPhones are limited. It will be more helpful if adequate data plans are offered because of their use in education, work, social interaction, etc.

Importance of understanding Data Usage:

Let’s have a look at the importance of understanding Data usage

  • Avoid extra charges
  • You can better plan activities that require internet usage.
  • Make the most usage out of limited resources.

Free government iPhones and data services Providers

There are many companies involved in providing free government iPhones and data services, but we’ll mention just five of them here:

  1. Access Wireless: They provide free cell phones and services for those who qualify through a government-funded program​1.
  2. TruConnect: Offers subsidized phone and internet services to qualified individuals through the federal Lifeline program​2.
  3. Gen Mobile: They offer discounts on specific mobile plans, making some services accessible under a program.
  4. AT&T: Had an offer where an iPhone 14 Pro was provided with a trade-in and a monthly plan, accepting government subsidies with certain conditions.
  5. Life Wireless: Provides free phone service and phones through the Lifeline program, with additional data available through another program​5.

For a comprehensive list and reviews of companies providing these services, you can check the full review on the main page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Usage?

Data usage refers to the amount of digital information transferred over your mobile network, including using social media apps, streaming videos, browsing the internet, and checking emails.

How can I check my data usage on an iPhone?

To check data usage on an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular or Settings > Mobile Data. Scroll down to find the apps using cellular data, and click “System Services” for more details on the data used by each app.

How can I manage my data usage to avoid extra charges?

You can manage data usage by setting data limits, turning off cellular data for specific apps, turning off background app refresh, and using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible.

What are some tips to save data?

Some data-saving tips include streaming over Wi-Fi, turning off Voice and data roaming, syncing apps over Wi-Fi, choosing lower-resolution videos for streaming, and using offline maps for navigation.

What is the Free Government iPhone Program?

The Free Government iPhone Program is an initiative to provide free iPhones and internet services to help individuals connect to the digital world. The data plans are limited but can be managed to avoid extra charges. For more, visit our FAQ section.


The free government iPhone users must understand and manage the data usage. You will need more communication resources in a limited data plan. However, you can better use data usage by controlling the app’s usage without spending extra charges.

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