A new iPhone is awesome, but the apps make it yours. If you’ve got a free government iPhone, let’s explore some must-haves to help you communicate, learn, get organized, and even have fun.

The Best Apps for Your Free Government iPhone Get More Out of Your Phone

What’s the Right App for Me?

That depends! Here’s a breakdown of popular categories and a few options within each to get you started:

Staying Connected

  • Everyday Chats: WhatsApp (great for international friends), Messenger (if you use Facebook a lot)
  • Work & Meetings: Zoom (the standard), Skype (another good option)

Life Hacks

  • Maps: Google Maps (you can’t go wrong!)
  • Weather: Your phone probably has one built-in, or try a simple app for no ads
  • Passwords: LastPass (keeps things secure, less hassle than remembering a million passwords)

Money Matters

  • Sending to Friends: Venmo (everyone uses it)
  • Budgeting Help: Mint (tracks spending, helps you set goals)

Health & Wellness

  • Fitness Pal: MyFitnessPal (food & exercise tracking)
  • Mindfulness: Headspace or Calm (guided meditations, good for beginners)

News Junkies

  • Global: BBC or CNN (respected sources)
  • Read It Later: Pocket (saves articles from anywhere on the web)

Fun Stuff!

  • Music: Spotify (colossal library, free version has ads) or Apple Music (works great with your iPhone)
  • TV & Movies: Netflix (needs a subscription, but tons of content)
  • Bookworm: Kindle (e-books and audiobooks)

Leveling Up: Jobs & Learning

  • Networking: LinkedIn (make connections, explore careers)
  • Job Search: Indeed, Monster (big listing boards)
  • Learn Anything: Duolingo (languages), Coursera, or Udemy (online courses on zillions of topics)

Everyday Needs

  • Groceries: Instacart or Uber Eats (depends on stores in your area)
  • Shopping: Amazon (colossal selection, but compare prices)

The Social Side

  • Stay in Touch: Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your friends use most!


  • Start Small: Don’t download everything at once! Try a few and see what you use.
  • Privacy Matters: Check settings in each app and decide what info you’re okay with sharing.
  • App Store = Your Friend: Search by what you need (ex: “recipe organizer”) to find even more options.


  • Do these apps cost money? Most have free versions. Some have paid features, but you can often get by without them.
  • Help! How do I download apps? Use the App Store icon on your phone.
  • Can I get other apps? Absolutely! There are millions out there. This is just a starting point.

Need More Help?

We Love Hearing From You!

Do you have a favorite app that changed your life? Please share it in the comments below! Let’s help each other make the most of our free iPhones.

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