The person who cannot afford a smartphone and receives it through a free government iPhone program, congratulations to him. After getting a phone, they try to keep it in tip-top shape. The smartphone helps to connect, search for jobs, get an education, do digital banking, and other life activities. So, maintaining your device is the main priority. This article will provide the complete details to clean your free government iPhone for optimal performance.

Ensuring your smartphone remains in excellent condition is vital, as it plays a significant role in your daily routine. Following the straightforward steps outlined here, you can keep your device running smoothly, extending its lifespan while benefiting from all its features without interruption. Let’s dive into how you can achieve this and make the most out of your valuable device.

How to Clean Your Free Government iPhone For Optimal Performance
How to Clean Your Free Government iPhone For Optimal Performance

Why is cleaning your iPhone essential?

Let’s unveil why cleaning your device is mandatory. 

  • Extended Lifespan: Cleaning and maintaining your iPhone device has extended its lifespan because some software clutter can slow down your iPhone.
  • Better Performance:  Cleaning your iPhone device provides a more efficient and better user experience, providing smoother and faster actions.
  • Security:  For your device’s optimal performance, it is necessary to update the software regularly, which protects against vulnerabilities and security threats.

Steps to Clean your iPhone

Here are a few steps and activities to clean your iPhone for optimal performance.

Update the Latest iOS Version.

Regularly updating your software increases performance, fixes errors, and provides more security.

  • Go to Settings> General> Software Update and proceed to update.

For more you must visit Free iPhone User Guide.

Clear Storage Space

It is most important to regularly clean your iPhone storage space because junk files can impact its performance. So, delete necessary apps, photos, videos, and other files that are no longer required.

  • Go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage. You will see the list of apps and files taking up space here.
  • You can offload any app you want.

Clear Safari Cache

It is necessary to clear its cache and browsing history regularly to improve the Safari services on your device.

  • Settings> Safari> Clear History and Website Data.

Optimize Settings

It is advisable to optimize iPhone settings for optimal performance. So, Turn off automatic downloads, stop using motion effects, disable Siri if you don’t use it, and Turn off location services.

  • Settings> General>Privacy, then review and adjust them.

Disable Background App Refresh

While using the iPhone, some apps run in the background that can slow down your device. So, you can turn off background app refresh.

  • Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Turn off for a specific app.

Restart You iPhone

If you face issues with your iPhone, restart it immediately. 

  • This action will have to clean temporary files and refresh the system for smoother performance.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

After performing all the above steps, you still face any issues with your device. You can perform a factory reset. It will remove all your data from the iPhone.

  • Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.


Indeed, it is essential to maintain your free government iPhone. Regularly clean your device for better user experience, life extension, and protection. I have shared a list of steps to perform if you face any abnormality in the functioning of the iPhone. Remember that your Free Government Go iPhone is a sophisticated technology that deserves your care and attention.

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