So, you have received a Free Govt iPhone? Congratulations! These smartphones are a blessing for those who are in need. Indeed, it’s the best phone you can receive from the government without spending a penny. The iPhone is a necessity of the present era as it has diverse features and a high-security system. But its performance depends on how you use it. To amp up the iPhone usage, let’s talk about accessories & why you need them.

Best Accessories For Your Free Government iPhone

Free Government iPhone: A Complete Guide

For the people who cannot afford a cellphone to meet their daily life activities, free government cell phones are best to avail. However, there are some eligibility criteria and application processes to follow if you want to get one. Let’s discuss in detail how to qualify for free iPhones in the United States of America.

Eligibility Criteria:

Different programs offer free cell phones to needy households in America under the Federal Communication Commission. These include the Affordable Connectivity programs and Lifeline Program. So, you can apply through these programs to get a free iPhone. Its eligibility criteria include;

Your household’s annual income must be below or at 200% in the case of ACP and 135% while applying for the lifeline program.

You must be a participant in any Federal Assistance Program like

Why Do Accessories Matter?

I can’t even discuss why accessories matter while having a phone. Indeed, accessories work as functional jewelry such as if you want to watch a movie or listen to music, then get headphones. If you are worried about screen scratches, you can use protectors. However, accessories provide protection. If suddenly revised sleeps out of your hand, it can face severe damage. But no need to worry because a robust case can save it.

Top Categories of Accessories

It is the top category of accessories for your free government iPhone that you can purchase depending on your needs.

Screen Protectors

Indeed, screen protectors are the most crucial accessory for your iPhone. It is made of tempered glass and protects your phone from security, bumps, and drops. 

Cases and Covers

The cases and covers for your iPhone give an applicant a look while holding your mobile phone. In addition, it provides the safety of your phone camera protection. It also saves your device from everyday wear & tear and scratches. Indeed, it offers superior protection and convenience for your free government iPhone.


If you want to watch a movie or enjoy music, you can use headphones or AirPods. Nowadays, people prefer Airpods because they provide high-quality audio, better-isolated sound, and noise cancellation features, making them a superior choice.

Chargers and Cables

You can use the Apple MagSafe Charger to charge your device, which is a better choice. It can also set the older models of Phones like iPhone 8 wirelessly.

Anker Bio-Braided USB-C to C Cable

It is the best charging camera and sports. Its maximum output is 240 b olster. It is about 10 feet long, providing more flexibility. It will not track under pressure because it is made of plant-based nylon. It is the best cable for long-term use.


AirTags are mini trackers to keep track of their things. However, attach one to your keys, wallet, or bag. Then, use the Find My App to locate your stuff. It helps prevent your things from misplacing.

Mobile Tripod

You can attach the tripod to the back of the iPhone; it provides generous lift, support, and functionality to your phone.

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Accessory Type Price Description
Elevation Lab Go Stand Stand $20 A sleek stand for viewing videos, with adjustable angles and compatible with a MagSafe charger.
Spigen ArcHybrid Magfit Battery Pack Battery Pack $60 A 5,000mAh MagSafe compatible battery pack with passthrough charging.
Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) Earbuds $160-$179 Wireless earbuds with improved design, better sound, and longer battery life.
JeTech Screen Protector Screen Protector $9 Tempered glass protector for preventing scratches and drops.
Anker 313 45W USB-C Charger Charger $18 A versatile and fast charger for iPhones and MacBooks, with GaN technology to prevent overheating.
Apple AirTags Tracker $28 Bluetooth tracker for locating keys, backpacks, or wallets using the Find My app.
Speck MagSafe Car Vent Mount Car Mount $40 MagSafe-compatible car vent mounts with strong magnets and built-in cord management.
Peak Design Mobile Tripod Mobile Tripod Premium Price A solid aluminium mobile tripod that folds into a credit card-sized shape, compatible with MagSafe.


Can I use regular iPhone accessories for my free government iPhone?

Yes, almost all regular iPhone accessories fit the free government iPhone, but it is better to check the compatibility.

Do cheap accessories compromise my phone’s functionality?

Of course, if the accessories are counterfeit or poorly made, it can affect the functionality of your phone.

Is it essential to have a screen protector?

It is not essential but only needed for more screen protection.

How do I spot a counterfeit accessory?

Packaging, price, review, and seller reputation are good indicators to spot an accessory.

Can I use third-party chargers?

Yes, you can use third-party charges, but it is always advisable to use an Apple charger.


A free Government iPhone is a valuable device you can have. So, using the accessories to enhance its look, protection, and functioning is not going in vain. In this article, I have shared the list of accessories that you can have for your iPhone. Therefore, Go ahead and accessorize Now!

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