QLink Wireless is one of the largest Lifeline providers in the United States, offering low-income individuals and families free and discounted wireless service. QLink Wireless provides eligible customers with a free government iPhone and a data plan through the Lifeline program. Explore a list of other providers to get a comparative view. QLink Wireless provides eligible customers with a free government iPhone and a data plan through the Lifeline program.

In-Depth Q Link Wireless Free Government iPhone Review



To qualify for Q Link Wireless, check the list of eligibility criteria for a deeper understanding of qualification for free government iPhone programs.

  • A total annual household income below 135% of the Federal poverty level.
  • Participate in Federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, FPHA, or SSI.
  • Unemployment may also qualify you for a free iPhone and data plan under certain conditions.

Application process

Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to apply for a free phone:

  1. Visit www.qlinkwireless.com and navigate to the register or sign-in option.
  2. Complete the application form with your personal information.
  3. Upload the required documents for verification.
  4. If applying through the mail, send copies of your documents to QLink Wireless, 499 E Sheridan St#400, Dania, FL 33004.

Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to apply for a free phone. For a step-by-step guide, visit our application guide page.

Document submission

If you are applying online,

  • Then, on their website, you will find the option “Upload Documents.” By entering this option, you can successfully upload the required documents.
  • In case of the application process through the mail, you have to send copies of your documents to QLink Wireless 499 E Sheridan St#400 Dania, FL 33004

Check our document preparation guide for a list of necessary documents and how to prepare them.

QLink Wireless Data Plans

QLink Wireless offers various data plans and special discounts on these plans to eligible individuals to reduce the customer burden. 

QLink Wireless offers a range of data plans and special discounts for eligible individuals. Under the Lifeline program, benefits include:

  • A value of up to $30 on monthly broadband Internet Service.
  • A single value of $100 on specific connected devices.
  • A $75 monthly discount for tribal area residents.

Here are some data plans on offer:

  • 3 GB data for $35
  • 5 GB data for $50
  • Unlimited data for $30 (No hotspot or international calling)
  • Complete data for $60 (Hotspot and international calling included)

Here are some data plans on offer. Also, learn about how these data plans compare with other providers.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons of using QLink Wireless services.


  • Affordable data, text, and minute plans
  • Quick customer service
  • Extensive network coverage


  • Limited availability in several areas
  • Restricted phone selection in free program

Customer Support

For any issues such as a lost phone or activation problems, QLink Wireless customer support is here to assist:

  • Phone: 1-855-754-6543 (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 12 AM EST, Sat-Sun: 8 AM – 8 PM EST)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 1-855-837-5465
  • Alternatively, use the Contact Us form on the official website.

Alternatively, use the Contact Us form on the official website. For more information on what to expect, visit our expectation guide.

Customer Testimonials

Morris D. Boone“Awesome, Awesome 👍 Service Never Interrupt. Secure services policies are safe and perfect. It’s an apparent sound wave. These Services give me a safe feeling Because they are always there for me. It’s free. God bless and keep all your family Safe and blessed. Thank you, Qlink.”

– Morris D. Boone, Reviewed on October 02, 2021

Sharon J. Facer“To my knowledge, Qlink must have UPDATED the unlimited data. Now, I have more DATA as advertised by Qlink’s quote UNLIMITED DATA. It was a joy-filled moment for ALL QLINK’S customers and myself. Thank you, Qlink, for providing..”

– Sharon J. Facer

Dorothy P. Ewers“Fast delivery of my order. They saved me from Airtalk Wireless, which advertised free data, not just 15 g, leaving me with no data unknowingly after about a week or so of having their service. Thank God for the Q link, which truly provides as they advertise. UNLIMITED DATA.”

– Dorothy P. Ewers

Jackson K. Wilson“My phone always works. My phone always works VERY important to me because my phone is my lifeline.” (Reviewed on September 29, 2021)

– Jackson K. Wilson

Carolyn T. Hamilton“Best mobile service I’ve ever had. This company is one of the best phone companies I’ve had in years. They’re honest, helpful, courteous, and the service is great.” (Reviewed on May 25, 2021)

– Carolyn T. Hamilton

Frequently Asked Questions About QLink Wireless

What makes QLink Wireless different from other Lifeline providers?

QLink Wireless stands out due to its comprehensive coverage, quick customer service, and special discounts on data plans for those who qualify.

How do I know if I qualify for a free government iPhone from QLink Wireless?

Eligibility is based on participation in federal assistance programs or household income below 135% of the Federal Poverty Level. Unemployment under specific conditions may also qualify you.

What documents are necessary for the QLink Wireless application?

Typically, you must provide proof of income or participation in federal assistance programs. This can include tax returns, benefit award letters, or pay stubs.

Can I apply for QLink Wireless if I already have a Lifeline service with another provider?

No, Lifeline rules allow only one benefit per household. However, you can transfer your gift to QLink if you switch providers.

What plans does QLink Wireless offer, and what do they include?

QLink offers various data plans, including monthly broadband Internet Service values, discounts for tribal residents, and options for hotspots and international calling.

If I encounter issues with my service, how responsive is QLink Wireless customer support?

Customer support is a strong point for QLink Wireless, with multiple contact methods, including phone, email, and a Contact Us form on their website.

What should I do if my QLink Wireless phone is lost or stolen?

Contact QLink Wireless customer service immediately to prevent unauthorized use and to inquire about a replacement.

Does QLink Wireless offer international calling?

Yes, QLink Wireless has plans that include international calling. Check their specific goals for more details.

How quickly can I get a phone after I apply for QLink Wireless?

Delivery times may vary, but QLink aims for prompt service. Check with customer support for the most accurate estimate.

Can I choose the iPhone model I received from QLink Wireless?

The selection of free iPhones is based on availability. You can check the latest models offered on their website.

How does QLink Wireless ensure the quality of its network?

QLink Wireless partners with leading network providers to ensure extensive coverage and reliable customer service.

Are there any annual contracts with QLink Wireless?

No, QLink Wireless Lifeline service does not require annual contracts, providing flexibility for users.

How can I keep track of my data usage with QLink Wireless?

You can monitor your data usage directly through your QLink Wireless account online or via their mobile app.

What if I’m not satisfied with my QLink Wireless service?

QLink Wireless aims for customer satisfaction, but if you’re unhappy, you can contact customer support to address your concerns or discuss discontinuing the service.


QLink Wireless is an excellent option for low-income families who cannot afford intelligent smartphones and connectivity services. So, under the Lifeline program, they can get free phones through QLink wireless service providers. However, it offers a wide range of smartphones you can choose from while applying for a free iPhone. For more insights on free government iPhone programs, visit our FAQ page.

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